Anti-icing slip rings of rotors of aircrafts and helicopter


The slip rings are supplied from aircraft AC electrical system.
The helicopter slip rings are equipped with monitoring and control system.

Technical data:

Designation Setting (jbject) Output kV*A Rotation frequency, (rpm) Weight (kg)
ТСВ11УО31 ИЛ-114, АН-140 11 1200±48 4,6
ТСВ96MO611 Ми-26 несущий винт 96 132±8 60
ТСВ25УО51 рулевой винт 25 555 12
ТСВ22МО34М-1 Ми-28Н несущий винт 22 240±12 32
ТСВ5У03 рулевой винт 5 1200±12 4,5