Traction Adjustment Drive ПРТ–204


Traction adjustment drive ПРТ–204 is designed for automatic transformation of low power control signals, transmitted from traction control system in analog form to angular displacement of aircraft engine throttle arm with speed, proportional to the level of control signal. This drive is a basic instrument among equivalent ones.


The instrument comprises:
—two-channel traction control electrical actuator MPT–204Y;
—two control units БУПРТ–96

Technical data:

1. Operating voltage 27 V
2. Power consumption 5 A max
3. Zone of control signal insensitivity 0,25 V, max
4. Counteraction operating output torque 10,78 N.m
5. Output shaft turn angle 96°
6. Output shafts number 2
7. Engines number 2
8. Output shaft speed
— with 2 engines 5 rev/min, min
— with 1 engine 2,5 rev/min, min
9. Operating temperature
— range –60°C to +60°C
— atmospheric pressure (low) 12 psi max
10. Operating mode continuous, cyclic
11. Mass 12 kg