Rotary drive ИМПР–114


The drive is intended ror installation in the control surface transmission systems. The output shalt of the drive turns to a certain angle. The angle of tum is limited by potentiometer units.

Design features

Integrated motor/gearbox construction. The electric motor is of the reversible, torque, brush less type operating with the rotor position transmitter and the amplifier/converter unit.

Technical data:

Operating voltage 27 VDC
Operating output torque 32 N·m
Оutput shaft turn angle 80 deg, max
Оutput shaft speed 37 rev/s, min
Махimum overload torque 70 N·m
Output shaft moting torque (with deenergized motor) 2 N·m, max
Mass 5 kg, max
Serviceability All-Climate