New Generation Servo — Traction Adjustment Drive ПРТ–2–10 (Control Spool and Unit)


— Traction adjustment drive is designed for automatic transfor mation of low power control signals, produced in analog form by calculators, to angular displacement of aircraft engine throttle arm, with speed, proportional to the density of control signal and to allow for transition from automatic to manual mode of drive control.

— The instrument is an integral part of pilot-navigational aircraft equipment.

Technical data:

1. Nominal operating voltage 27 VDC, 33 VDC
2. Zone of control signal insensitivity ±0,25V, max
3. Operating output torque 10,78 N.m
4. Output shaft turn angle, each 96°, max
5. Output shafts number 2
6. Output shaft speed 2,5 rev/min, minimum
7. Operating temperature range –55°C to +55°C
8. Mass 5,5 kg