Electric winch ЛПГ–400

Purpose operation

When the winch is selected on, the friction clutch unlocks the rotor of the electric motor to transmit its rotation via the gearbox to the cable drum. As the winch is switched off, the drum gets braked (fixed relative to the casing).

Purpose operation

Hoisting various loads.

Design features

— Manual drive.
— Multilayer cable take-up drum.
— Cable slack take-up.
— Cable drum/gearbox disengage clutch (for manual drive).

Technical data:

1. Operating voltage 27 V
2. Lifting capacity 3920 N, max
3. Lifting speed 4 m/min, min
4. Lowering speed 4 m/min, max
4. Cable length 10.5 m
6. Slip clutch overload 4905 to 6670 N, max
7. Manual drive effort 15 kgf, max
8. Mass (less cable) 11.5 kg, max
9. Serviceability All-Climate