Synchronous Motor СДП-600


Synchronous motor СДП-600 is designed for driving a submersible centrifugal fuel pump.

The motor/pump assembly is installed on a facility as an integral in-tank unit.

Technical characteristics:

Number of phases 3
Nominal three-phase AC line supply voltage 200 V
Nominal current frequency 400 Hz
Nominal current 5 A max.
Nominal rotation speed 6000 rpm
Nominal power 600 W
Nominal shaft torque 0.93 (0.095) N•m (kgf•m)
Maximum shaft torque min. 1.27 (0.13) N•m (kgf•m)
Weight 2.5 kg max.
Motor design version explosion-proof
Cooling is effected by forced fuel supply into the inner cavity where the fuel is flowing over inner and outer surfaces of the stator (along specially provided channels)
Motor duty continuous