Voltage and Temperature Alarm Unit УСЛН250МБ


The unit УСЛН250МБ is designed to dive an alarm in case of a nickel-cadmium battery critical state, caused by its heating up to +65°±2°C, the temperature being measured by a termo-sensor, or voltage imbalance between two groups of batteries (each group containing ten batteries) due to an inner short circuit of some separate batteries, or intolerable voltage increase while battery charging. The battery is equipped with a termo-sensor. The termo-sensor signals and voltage from two accumulator groups are transmitted to the input of the unit. The unit incorporates inner controlling system, allowing to fulfil preflight checkout.

Technical data:

1. Accu battery operating voltage 24,0–29,4 VDC
2. Power consumed 50 mA max
3. Parameters of battery critical state signal, transmitted to a flash lamp:
— voltage 1,5 V minimum
— power 250 mA
4. Operating mode continuous
5. Mass 2 kg max