Brake Control Unit БУПТ12МД


Unit БУПТ 12МД is destined for brake system of airplanes IL 96-300 and IL-114. It is designed for separate control of the two electro-hydraulic power amplifiers by way of transmission of signals, dependent on control and sensor signals of angular speed of wheels brake, to the winding of electromechanical converters.

Technical data:

1. Operating voltage:
— DC 27 V
— AC with frequency of 400 Hz 115 V
2. Power channel number:
— DC 27 V 2 channels
— AC 115 V 1 channel
3. Power consumed
— from circuit of 27V 100 W max
— from circuit of 115V, 400 Hz 150 W max
4. Operating mode continuous
5. Mass 5,4±0,3 kg