Airdrome power supply control unit БКHA115B


Unit БКHA115B is designed to eliminate connection of airdrome AC power supply having electric energy of impermissible quality to the board circuit of the object. It also serves to switch off these power sources, if, in the process of work, the quality of the electric energy exceeds the allowed level.

Technical data:

1. Operating voltage range:
— DC 24,0–29,4 V
2. Power consumed:
— DC 1,2 A max
— AC three phase with frequency of 400 Hz and nominal voltage of 115V 0,2 A max
3. The unit provides the following types of onboard circuit protection:
— From power source with voltage in any phase 108–114 V max and from voltage decrease in any phase down to101–107 V with time lag of 6,0±0,9 sec.
— From power source with voltage in any phase 123–129 V max and from voltage increase in any phase to more than 123–129 V.
4. Operating mode continuous
5. Mass 3 kg max